Frequently asked questions about renting car

what will happen to the Deposit when the lease term ends?

the amount of the Deposit will be returned to You at the end of the rental period, immediately after signing the acceptance Certificate.

Service "Cancellation of Deposit and deductible" - what is it?

the service "Cancellation of Deposit and deductible" for an additional fee frees You from making a Deposit and cancels the deductible (in the amount of 30,000 rubles) under the CASCO policy, which will allow You not to worry about accidents on the roads of the Krasnodar territory.

Do I have to pay rent in advance?

you can Pay the rent and make a Deposit directly upon receipt of the car. If payment is received, a specific car will be reserved for You.its personal data (color, configuration, year of manufacture, registration plate) will be indicated in the rental Agreement and The voucher for receiving the car, which we will send to Your email before the start of the rental period.

How do I make a prepayment?

you can make a prepayment using the online service on our company's website, or in cash or using a Bank card from any Bank in our office.

Can another driver be allowed to drive the car?

other drivers may be allowed to drive if they meet the requirements of the Renter, as well as if they have a similar set of documents.

What should I do if the car crashes through no fault of mine?

In the event of a breakdown, we will promptly and free of charge replace the car with a similar one.

what is the procedure for getting a car at Sochi Airport?

Upon arrival at the Sochi Airport, you need to go to the reception of our company, which is located in the arrival terminal.

is it Necessary to leave the car in secured Parking lots during the day?

during the day, we recommend that you do not leave your car unattended unless absolutely necessary. And in the dark, it is desirable to store the car in secure Parking lots.

What should I do if I have an accident?

In case of an accident, you need to contact our specialists at +7 (988) 282-97-97, then call the traffic police to the scene and get the following documents: a copy of the Protocol, the scheme of the accident and a certificate of the accident.

are the Cars insured?

All cars of our company are insured under CASCO and CTP. According to the lease Agreement, Your liability is limited to the deductible under the CASCO policy in the amount of 30,000 rubles. To remove restrictions, you can use the service "Cancellation of Deposit and deductible".

When will the Contract and other necessary documents be ready?

Your rental Agreement and other related documents will be ready when you receive the car.

is it Necessary to wash and refuel the car before returning?

you will get a clean Car with a full tank of gasoline. At the end of the rental period, you must return it in its pure form, or pay for the car wash in the amount of 800 rubles. The fuel tank must also be full, or you will need to pay for the missing amount of fuel at the rate of 50 rubles per liter.

What fuel should I use for refueling the car?

to refuel the car, you must use AI-95 gasoline.

We are planning a trip with young children, can you rent child seats?

Yes, of course, you only need to order this service in advance.