Car rent in Sochi

Need a vehicle? Then contact us - we are ready to provide you with a minibus for rent in Sochi without a driver. In addition to the minibus, you can order any passenger car that is in our fleet.

If you know how to drive a car yourself, you have a driver's license and experience of 3 years or more, we see no reason not to provide you with a car for rent without our driver.

Renting a car without a driver is convenient

First of all, it should be noted that if you are looking for cheap car rental in Sochi, then our company is exactly what you need. We not only offer you vehicles for rent at the best price, but we are also ready to provide you with discounts on services. Please note that you can use not one, but several promotional offers at once. How does it work? Very simply. If several discounts are suitable for you under the terms of the loyalty program at once, you can simply add them up. But, and this is not all the advantages that you get when ordering a car rental in Sochi without a driver cheap. The following should also be noted:

  • To place an order, you only need to have your passport, driver's license, and a security Deposit;
  • Additionally, we provide you with a Navigator, a driver's kit and a child safety seat for free, because safety is first and foremost;
  • There are 250 comfort, business and Executive class cars in our fleet - there are plenty to choose from;
  • If necessary, we are always ready to send you more live photos of the vehicle you want to book.
  • Please also note that if you decide to rent a minibus without a driver, you can pay the Deposit amount directly when you receive the car for use. We do not require you to pay in advance for services that, in fact, you have not yet received.

Daily car rental in Sochi without a driver

Here you can order a car rental in Sochi without a driver for daily rent or just for a few days, as it will be convenient for you.

How do we work?

All you need to do is select the necessary car from the catalog and contact us to book it. Registration of the lease is as fast as possible. However, please note that your driving experience must be at least three years.

at any time convenient for you, you can order a car rental in Sochi without a driver, the prices are listed on our website in the corresponding section. You can pay for the services using both cash and non-cash payments. Please note that the Deposit amount is paid directly when the car is transferred to your temporary use.

For any additional questions, you can always contact us for advice. Contact details for feedback are listed below. You can also use the callback service. We will be glad to see you among our clients.