Car rent in Sochi with driver

Looking for a cheap car rental with a driver? In this case, our company is ready to provide you with such services, because in our fleet there are more than 250 cars, both passenger cars and minibuses. Especially relevant will be the service of renting a vehicle with our driver in the event that you are planning to take a car to any celebration or just do not know the city.

Car rental services with a driver

In addition, car rental in Sochi with a driver from our company provides you, as our client, with the following advantages:

  • you pay the Deposit amount directly when you receive the car for use, and not in advance;
  • to rent a car with a driver in Sochi, you only need a passport, a Deposit amount and a driver's license;
  • in addition and free of charge, we are ready to provide you with a child seat, Navigator and a set of motorists;
  • it is possible to deliver a car directly to the airport or hotel.
  • Car rental in Sochi with a driver
  • We should also mention the cost of Executive class cars in Sochi for rent. We are ready to give you not one discount, but five. This means that if several discounts are suitable for you under the terms of the lease, then you can simply add them up, which, in the end, will significantly save your money. This rule applies to any car or minibus from our fleet. You can find more information about the loyalty program and the amount of discounts in the corresponding section of our website.

How do I submit a request?

It is very easy to order a car for rent with a driver. To do this, you only need to select a car from the catalog that best meets your requirements. After that, you just send us a request, the form of which is located on the page with the selected car. If you have any questions during the order process, feel free to contact our managers, whose contacts are listed below. If necessary, you can order a call and we will call you ourselves.